Launched! The Warning from the Archives Collections and Exhibits 

This week we are launching our unique archive. It is a database of thousands of .pdfs related to British foreign policy in Iraq. Our database is completely searchable and is complete with user-friendly exhibits to help students locate useful sources. The archive is the perfect place to find exclusive letters, internal memos, and interview transcripts that are unavailable elsewhere. 

Visit our archive!

Bringing together documents from the Mesopotamia Commission and the Chilcot Inquiry, the archive holds over 2700 documents that span a century. Our collections are full of unique sources that are only available to the public due to our Freedom of Information requests.  

The archive is an instrumental resource for students or academics conducting research into British interventions in Iraq especially from a historical or political perspective. Our extensive collection of material from the Chilcot Inquiry would make this archive a perfect resource for anyone undertaking research on the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. 

Thousands of documents to use in research and teaching

We have also created exhibits that offer students access to a smaller number of sources that we have specially collated. We have added some initial insights and elements of analysis to these sources to aid students in their own analysis. These will be of great value to undergraduate students who require access to sources on a thematic basis for their essays. The exhibits will also offer visitors to the website an insight into some of the sources available without needing to navigate the entire archive. 

We are so excited to share the archive with you and we hope that this unique collection of sources will be insightful and useful to researchers and students alike! 

— WFTA Team