1-4th September 2022, Owen and Margot travelled to Athens, Greece to present WFTA research at the EISA PEC 2022 conference.

We presented WFTA research in the following 2 sessions at Panteion University:

(1) Panel: Oversight and contestation of intelligence

[Part of the section: S12 – New Intelligence Studies: Multiplicity, Interdisciplinarity, Reflexivity]

Our paper: ‘The limits of oversight: How “scandalisation”, “archivisation”, and “cultures of knowing” shape inquiries into war and intelligence controversies”‘

This paper introduced some of the key arguments from our first article. We will ensure that this article will build upon the kind feedback and questions we were given during this session.

We presented alongside papers from: Chris Hammermann, Emma McCluskey and Claudia Aradau. Pepijn Tuinier acted as discussant and Sam Forsythe as chair.

(2) Roundtable: Wartime Scandals: Violence, Visibility and Accountability

[Part of the section: ST01 – Critical Military Studies]

Alongside comments from: Henrique Furtado and Hannah Richards.

The view from Margot’s hotel in Athens!

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